These General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") have been drafted in accordance with the legal provisions of the Civil Code, the Legislative Decree. N. 70 of 09.04.2003 regarding information society services and online business services and, where applicable, the Legislative Decree. N. 206 of 06.09.2005 (the so-called Consumer Code), and in particular Chapter I of Title III of Part III, which govern the offer and purchase of subscription services offered through the site www.mytemplart.com/it. (hereinafter "the Services").

These terms and conditions apply to contracts signed


ARTECHNE SRL, a company with a registered office in Povegliano V.se (Vr), via Verona 7, VAT number 04197670247, hereinafter "the Company"


any natural or legal entity, which has made a purchase order electronically and that is identifiable by the data it supplied in order to fulfill the order, hereinafter the "User".

When filling in the sales form in order to purchase Services, each User will have to declare whether he/she is acting as a private individual.
In this regard, private means that the consumer is a natural person who is acting outside the scope of an economic activity (trade, business, craft and liberal profession). The purchase entails the user’s full knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale and General Terms of Use of "MyTemplArt"’s services, without reservations.


1.1 The contract relates to the use of the Subscription Services, which can be accessed via the web through the website mytemplart.com/it (hereinafter the Site).


2.1 In order to purchase a subscription to Services, where this is included among the products purchased online, the User must select the type of subscription he/she intends to buy and register by filling out the form in all its fields. Once the registration process is complete, the User must fill out the order form provided by the Company and send it online, following the instructions. It is the User's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the order’s content before submitting it.
2.2 By submitting the above-mentioned form, the Users agree to the offer drafted by the Company to the public who may purchase Subscription Services. Therefore the contract is considered agreed upon the moment the Company is notified of the User’s acceptance, formalised by means of the above-mentioned order form.
2.3 Following the contract’s agreement, the User will receive an e-mail to the email address he/she provided, with details of the steps necessary to complete the registration process, and the Services’ activation, as well as a receipt containing, as required by law, an overview of the general conditions applicable to the contract, information on the purchased subscription and details of the price, methods and terms of payment, length of service and other compulsory information, pursuant to art. 51 paragraph 7 of the Decree. N. 206/2005.
2.4 Once the contract has been signed and the registration process is complete, access to the Services will be available as soon as the Company has received a confirmation of payment, except as provided for in art. 3.4.
2.5 The User may, at any time, monitor the status of subscriptions that he/she purchased by accessing the restricted area online.


3.1 The sale prices of the subscriptions are the ones published online at the time of the order and are inclusive of VAT.
3.2 Prices are subject to change without prior notice. It is the User's responsibility, therefore, to ensure the final sale price before sending the purchase order.
3.3 The payment methods are indicated online at the time of filling in the order form.
3.4 In case of payment by bank transfer, if required in order to activate the Services, the User must send a proof of payment (bank transfer receipt) to the Company, to the e-mail address info@artechne.com, specifying the order number provided to the User and their telephone contact.
3.5 In all other cases, the services will be accessible following payment, and are considered active from the time of the e-mail notification referred to in paragraph 2.3.
3.6 It is the User’s responsibility to complete the registration process according to the communication received by e-mail; the time passing between receiving the notification and completing the registration process will have no impact on the duration of the subscription.


4.1 The subscription lasts one year.
4.2 The subscription agreement is not automatically renewed, and the User must, therefore, make a new purchase order after the previous subscription expires.
4.3 When the subscription expires, the User's account will not be deleted, but access to services will be deactivated.
4.4 Six months after the expiry date, if it has not been renewed, the User's account will be deleted without any notice from the Company.

5. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL (only for a User acting as a consumer)

5.1 In relation to the subscription services’ sale contract stipulated pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, the User that has indicated acting as a consumer, has the right to terminate the contract signed online, pursuant to the effects of art. 52 et seq of the Consumer Code.
5.2 The User can exercise his/her right of withdrawal within 14 days from the day of receipt of the notice referred to in section 3.2.
5.3 Before the deadline stated in Article. 5.2, the User will inform the Company of his/her decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract. To this end, the User may:
i) use the withdrawal template form (but it is not compulsory), prepared in accordance with Annex I part B to the Consumer Code, which has been made available before the conclusion of the contract, as required by art. 49 paragraph 1 letter h) of this Code, or submit to the Company any other unequivocal statement with his/her decision to withdraw from the service subscription contract and send the aforementioned by recorded delivery with advice of receipt, or by fax or by e-mail at the following address: info@artechne.com.
ii) complete and electronically submit the withdrawal template form or any other declaration, on the website, accessing info@artechne.com; if the user chooses this option, the Company will immediately send an acknowledgment of receipt of such a withdrawal on a durable medium (for example by email), according to art. 54 paragraph 3 of the Consumer Code.
5.4 The period for withdrawal shall be deemed to comply with the dispatch of the notice of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period, as determined above.
5.5 In the withdrawal notice, the User must specify the subscription agreement for which he/she intends to exercise his/her right.
5.6 Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal, if timely, the Company will refund to the User all payments received, without delay and in any case within 14 days from the day the User has informed of the decision to cancel the subscription contract.


6.1 Once the online purchase procedure is complete, the User agrees making sure that he/she adheres to these general terms and conditions, which have been read and accepted, as a compulsory step in the process.


7.1 The Company guarantees that all the User’s personal data, if he/she qualifies as concerned pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Data Protection Code), will be treated in compliance with this Code.
For further information, see the data protection statement made by the Company pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and published online.


8.1 For any further information or assistance, the User can use the following contact details:
- E-mail: info@artechne.com
- Tel.: +39 045 2426793
8.2 All communications under the General Terms and Conditions shall be made by e-mail and will be sent to the email address provided at the time of registration.


9.1 Il contratto di vendita di abbonamento ai Servizi concluso ai sensi delle presenti Condizioni generali è regolato dalla legge italiana.
9.2 The Court will have jurisdiction for any dispute arising between the Company and the User regarding the interpretation of these General Terms and fulfilment of the contract pursuant to the aforementioned, in the case of a consumer residing on the Italian territory, the court of jurisdiction will be the one where the user resides.
9.3 If the User is a consumer residing abroad, that is he/she does not have a consumer status, for any dispute arising between the Company and the User concerning the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract pursuant to the aforesaid, this shall be submitted exclusively to the court of Verona; in case of a dispute under the competence of the Companies Court, the Court of Venice will have exclusive jurisdiction.